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From August 1944, just two months before Russian troops entered Kudritz the Municipal board met to discuss funding communal roads for 1945. Visit the link for the full article, including the names and signatures of those in attendance.


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History of the Region

The following information was extracted from "The History of German Settlements in Southern Hungary" by Susan Clarkson, Ph.D. The full text can be found at the FEEFHS web site.

The Habsburg monarchy came into power in Hungary in 1527 after King Louis II of Hungary was killed at the Battle of Mohacs in 1526 defending Hungarian territory agains the Turks. War with the Turks continued until Prince Eugene of Savoy finally drove them out. The peace settlement at Karlowitz in 1699 gave the Habsburg Emporer Leopold I control of all of Hungary except for the Banat. Prince Eugene later captured the Banat, which was ceded to the Habsburg Emporer Charles VI after the Treaty of Passarovitz. The Banat was a crown territory of the Holy Roman Empire from 1718 to 1778 and administered from Vienna.

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