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Kudritz Session of Municipal Board 1944

From August 1944, just two months before Russian troops entered Kudritz the Municipal board met to discuss funding communal roads for 1945. Visit the link for the full article, including the names and signatures of those in attendance.


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Father Miklos Kahles

Following up a recent inquiry about Miklos Kahles, Stasa Cvetkovic, a researcher with Synergia in Novi Sad, kindly looked up the following information. (Synergia is a well-regarded researcher with numerous recommendations from Donauschawben descendants. They can be reached at


Following is a translation of an entry, in Hungarian, about Father Kahles, from Stasa Cvetktovic.

Entry about Ft. Kahles Miklos was written in Hungarian language. I will give the German and Serbian or Romanian) names of the villages next to the Hungarian name, in brackets. -- Stasa

KAHLES MIKLOS (LAT/GER: Nicholas, Nicolaus): Born in Nakofalva (Nakodorf, Nakovo) on 01 April 1889. He was ordained a priest in Temesvar (GER: Temeschburg, ROM: Timisoara) on 29 June 1912.

Served as chaplain in: Temesgyarmat (GER: Jahrmarkt, ROM: Giarmata) Németszentpéter (GER: Deutschsanktpeter, ROM: Sanpetru German), Gyertyamos (GER: Gertianosch, ROM: Carpinis) in 1914, chaplain in 1915, in 1918 chaplain in Karolyfalva (GER: Karlsdorf, SER: Banatski Karlovac), church administrator in Fehertemplom (GER: Weisskirschen, SER: Bela Crkva) in 1919, chaplain in Ecska (GER: Etschka SER: E?ka) in 1920, parish priest in Zsigmondfalva (GER: Sigmundsfeld, Sigmundsdorf SER: Luki?evo, Martinica) in 1922, chaplain in Versec (GER: Werschetz SER: Vršac) in 1927, parish priest assistant in Csozstelek (GER: Tschesterek, Neuhatzfeld SER: ?estereg) in 1930, parish administrator in Hetteny (GER: Hettin, Tomsdorf, SER: Hetin) in 1931, Kudric (GER: Kudritz SER: Gudurica) in 1933, Sandorhaza (GER: Alexanderhausen ROM: Sandra) in 1936, he was suspended in 1939, was chaplain in Boka (GER: Boka SER: Boka) and definitively suspended in 1942

Place of his last service was Boka.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 14:28

Church Renovation

The church in Kudritz, St John the Baptist, has been undergoing renovation. Very nearly complete, the consecration is scheduled for June 24, 2013. Below are photos throughout the long process of bringing it back.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 14:22


Photos by Roy Shiflet

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